Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Entry

I have been blogging for a long time at My Homeschool Blog, but I have been using it for so many random things on all kinds of subjects, that I think it has lost its main focus which is to be a homeschooling diary of sorts, showing what we do in our homeschool adventures. Not only that, but since it has no autosave feature, I am always losing my posts! So I have decided to start posting my devotionals and bible studies here, I might still cross post them to homeschool blogger, or link to them. But I think this will be a better place to create the posts, mainly because of its autosave feature which will keep me spending an hour writing a post, only to have it vanish and have to start all over.

I am not giving up on homeschoolblogger, I love the community there, I am just going to narrow the main focus of that blog to homeschooling posts, and move my devotions here, I'll probably do my other personal posts on Myspace.

I have found this so much easier to post under, I am sure I will happier creating my posts here!

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